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Shaping the perfect homeowner policy is all about how and where you live. At McFall & Back Insurance Agency we will help you sort it all out – and provide a jargon-free explanation of every aspect of your coverage.


Homeowner Policies provide a combination of property and personal liability coverage – and covers loss of use resulting from damage arising from several causes such as weather losses (i.e. wind, hail, rain, snow, hail, freezing), fire, smoke, theft, vandalism and malicious mischief, falling objects, and weight of ice, snow or sleet.


Covered property includes:


  • Dwelling – The house structure itself

  • Other structures – These are structures or buildings that are not attached to your home, such as a tool shed or detached garage.

  • Personal property – The contents of your home are your personal property. This coverage protects your furniture, appliances, televisions and clothing.

  • Loss of use – When a loss occurs and you’re no longer able to live in your home, the cost of additional living expenses are covered.

  • Personal liability – Provides coverage for compensatory damages if you’re legally liable for someone else’s bodily injury or property damage as a result of an accident. Examples of bodily injury, property damage and medical expense coverages may include:

  • Medical expenses for others’ bodily injury caused by an accident on your premises, such as slips and falls

  • Liability to others

  • Liability due to unpaid volunteer services

  • Damage caused by negligence of children, acts of pets and sporting activities


Essential Extras for Special Situations


Sometimes, a little extra coverage is in order to make owning your home a true worry-free experience. At McFall & Back Insurance we will help you know if you need coverage for:


Replacement cost coverage – Pays to replace your home and contents up to the policy limits, in the event of a covered loss.


Identity theft coverage – Pays for expenses incurred as a result of identity theft, such as lost wages and expenses associated with repairing the damage caused by your identity being stolen.


Additional coverage – Protects high-value items such as jewelry, artwork and collectibles.


Back up of sewers and drains coverage – Provides coverage for losses caused by water which backs up through sewers or drains, or water that enters into and overflows from within a sump pump or sump pump well.


Personal computer coverage – Provides coverage for personal computers, equipment, media, and data.


Equipment breakdown coverage – Provides coverage for damage to covered equipment resulting from sudden and accidental mechanical or electrical breakdown, such as heating and cooling systems, ventilation systems and fans, backup generators, electric service panels, pool equipment, and central vacuum systems.

Assisted living care coverage – Provides personal property, additional living expense and personal liability coverage to your relative residing in an assisted living care facility.


You can save money and enhance your Homeowner Policy by combining coverages with one of our Homeowner package endorsements.


Vantage Plus

This provides extra coverage including:


  • Dwelling expanded replacement cost

  • Increased contents coverage

  • Personal property replacement cost

  • Mortgage extra expense

  • Refrigerated goods

  • Lock replacement

  • Building ordinance or law

  • Personal injury liability

  • Non owned watercraft liability


Signature Home

This offers these additional coverages:


  • Dwelling Expanded Replacement Cost Coverage

  • Personal Property Replacement Cost Coverage

  • Increased contents coverage

  • Increased limits for:

    • Money, Bank Notes, Precious Metals, and Coins

    • Property used for business purposes

    • Damage to property of others

    • Coverage for service charges made by a fire department

    • Watercraft, including trailers, equipment, and outboard motors

    • Loss to trailers not used to carry watercraft

    • Theft of sports cards

    • Loss assessment

    • Stamps and securities

    • Theft of hand tools

    • Stolen, misplaced, or lost jewelry, watches, precious stones, furs, guns, silverware, goldware, and pewterware

    • Credit card, fund transfer card, check forgery, and counterfeit money

    • Additional Living Expenses

    • Loss to trees, shrubs, plants and lawns

    • Debris removal

    • Building and ordinance coverage

  • All risk special personal property protection

  • Mortgage extra expense

  • Lock replacement

  • Refrigerated goods

  • Kidnap/Abduction expense

  • Fire Extinguisher recharge/replacement

  • Deductible waiver

  • Personal injury liability

  • Non owned watercraft liability

  • Boat medical payments


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